Optimization of a general public website in the Life Insurance sector

Generali wishes to optimize the online subscription rate on its site, that has just appeared on the Web but that shows unsatisfactory results.

To provide concrete solutions and modify the interface, LudoTIC carried out an eye tracking test that allowed to identify the issues underlying these poor performances in terms of user experience.

Our intervention

An Eye Tracking test was carried out with 10 participants representative of the target user group. The objective was to identify the weaknesses of the home page and isolate the brakes and mistakes made by the users throughout the subscription process in order to eliminate them. We proposed short and long term operational solutions (corrective mock-up and deep redesign).

Our solutions

The problems identified

  • Unclear Home page
  • Complex navigation
  • Too many steps and not very intuitive to subscribe
  • Little help in case of errors
  • Unoptimized layout

The solutions provided

  • Home page more suitable for users’ needs
  • A deep redesign of the subscription process: clearer steps, more explicit guidance, indications of the progress
  • Improved guidance and more efficient errors handling

An increase in our conversion rate

Eye tracking tests conducted by Ludotic have identified certain weaknesses in the customer journey.

We have implemented almost all of the recommendations made by Ludotic and have significantly increased our conversion rate

Customer Experience Manager

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